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Highly highly recommend!!!

We recently completed the 8 week advanced course with our trainer. We were highly impressed. Our dog is completely different from class 1 to now.

Our trainer was so nice and personable. You can just tell he loves his job. He was always so happy to see Jubilee and would love on her.He was also very accommodating for scheduling. And extremely responsive.

We learned how to do sit/stay/come, heel, place and down. You absolutely have to continue with your dog at home. While the trainers know what they’re doing, you have to keep it up. She’s now an expert at all of these “moves” 🙂

Highly highly recommend!!! So glad we made the call and chose them to help us with our pup!

Christine D.  // Verified Google Review

one of the best decisions

Off Leash K9 Training was one of the best decisions I ever made. If you are considering it and not sure because of the financial investment, I’m telling you — it’s worth it! My pup Olive adored her trainer. He was such a pro and after the 2-week board and train with him Olive showed drastic improvement with discipline, listening, response to commands, walking on-leash without pulling, walking off-leash, and dealing with distractions. He was patient with me when we met up to train me on everything she had learned and how to keep it up at home. This is really going to improve both her quality of life and mine. So excited to continue seeing her progress.
Samantha P.  // Verified Google Review

Off Leash K9 is a phenomenal program

They delivered excellent results & totally dispelled my initial reservations about e-collar training. He’s the same affectionate pup weMy dog had serious leash aggression and tried to kill a cat that was the last straw for me. I had seen off leash on Facebook and didn’t really want to spend the money. Let me tell you it was the best money I have ever spent.

I couldn’t take my dog anywhere without him lunging and barking and trying to attack other animals and sometimes people if they got too close to us. I signed him up for the 8 class aggression package and we worked with Jonathan who was absolutely amazing a true dog whisperer. Marcus warmed up to him and was very receptive to the training.

He now knows all his commands and I can take him anywhere with out worrying about how he’s going to behave. He’s a brand new pup and I am so thankful for our trainer. If you have similar issues with your dog you won’t regret going with this company. Marcus graduated today at the beach where he didn’t bark or lunge one time at anyone or any other animals.

THANK YOU!!! fell in love with, but he listens! He loves life & we love him.

Collene T.   // Verified Google Review

we enjoy our pup SO much more!

I have done several different training courses with my unruly rescue dog and Off Leash K9 is the only one that stuck! Our trainer was amazing to work with and my dog absolutely loved him! She looked forward to every training session.

She used to pull on the leash, lunge at other dogs and charge at the door. Now she is calm and confident and we can both enjoy the off leash life. This training is truly life changing. I highly recommend Jonathan and this company!

Joanna Y.  // Verified Google Review

Would recommend Off Leash K9 in Jacksonville

We had Freya go through the basic and advanced training course and it was well worth the money. Freya listens to us off leash, she can place on things we never thought she could, and her confidence in herself has really grown.

We had  our trainer and would recommend him to anyone considering Off Leash K9 in Jacksonville

TH  // Verified Google Review

very nice and professional place to get the dog trained

OLK9 has been a really nice experience for us and our 10 month old Golden Retriever, Duke. Our trainer was very patient with Duke and with us during the basic training. He also teaches us tips/tricks on how to continue with the discipline Duke learnt from his sessions, at home\.

We have certainly benefited from the training he has got. Overall, a very nice and professional place to get the dog trained.

Pamela B.   // Verified Google Review

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