Shopping Experiences in Jacksonville, Florida Your Dog Will Love: An Expert Guide

Jacksonville is a paradise for dog lovers, with a wide variety of dog-friendly stores to explore. From outdoor gear to home decor to fashion boutiques, this vibrant city offers plenty of options for shopping with your furry friend. 

In this guide, we’ll uncover the best dog-friendly shopping spots in Jacksonville. Get ready to treat your pup to a fun-filled retail therapy session as we share expert tips, must-visit shops, and top-recommended products for your canine companion. 


The Best Jacksonville Stores for Dog Supplies

Jacksonville is truly a haven for four-legged shoppers and their owners. From big box stores to locally owned boutiques, at least seven retailers roll out the red carpet for leashed pups looking to browse alongside their humans. Read on for the scoop on Jacksonville’s top dog-approved stores guaranteed to offer tail-wagging good times to animal lovers.  

1. Puppy Paradise

Whether you want to pamper your pooch or shop for a new pup, you’ll find everything you need at these two dog-friendly destinations in Jacksonville. They offer a variety of products, services, and experiences for you and your furry friend to enjoy in the sunny state of Florida.

The Avenues 

The Avenues is a popular shopping destination for fashion, family, and military. It has four major department stores, including Belk, Dillard’s, Forever 21, and JCPenney, plus more than 150 other stores, such as Aerie, Aldo, H&M, LUSH, and Victoria’s Secret. Some of the dog-friendly features of The Avenues are:

Dog-friendly entrances and common areas

  • You can enter the mall with your dog through the entrances near Forever 21 and JCPenney
  • You can walk your dog in the common areas of the mall, as long as they are leashed and well-behaved
  • You can find water bowls and waste stations throughout the mall for your convenience

Dog-friendly stores and services

  • You can shop with your dog in many of the stores that display a “Dogs Welcome” sign on their doors
  • You can pamper your dog at Petco, a pet store that offers grooming, training, and veterinary services
  • You can treat your dog at Natural Desires Soap Co., a store that sells natural soaps, candles, and dog treats

The Avenues is open Monday to Thursday, from 10 am to 8 pm, Friday and Saturday, from 10 am to 9 pm, and Sunday, from 12 pm to 6 pm. 

Puppy Avenue 

Puppy Avenue is a favorite puppy store in Jacksonville that sells healthy and adorable puppies from reputable breeders. They also offer financing, warranties, and microchipping services for their puppies. Some of the breeds that they have available are Cavalier, Yorkie, Pomeranian, Pekingese, and more. Some of the dog-friendly features of Puppy Avenue are:

Dog-friendly shopping experience

  • You can bring your dog to the store, as long as they are vaccinated and friendly
  • You can interact with the puppies in the store, and see if they get along with your dog
  • You can find a variety of dog supplies and accessories in the store, such as collars, leashes, toys, beds, and crates

Dog-friendly staff and service

  • You can get expert advice and guidance from the friendly and knowledgeable staff, who are passionate about dogs
  • You can get free lifetime support and assistance from the store in case you have any questions or concerns about your puppy
  • You can get discounts and rewards from the store if you refer your friends or family to buy a puppy from them

Puppy Avenue is open Monday to Saturday, from 11 am to 7 pm, and Sunday, from 12 pm to 6 pm. 

2. Home Décor Havens

Savvy shoppers adorn their abodes with furnishings, accents, and organization solutions from these budget-friendly chains permitting four-legged friends.


Browse HomeGoods’ ever-changing inventory of living room looks, bedroom upgrades, kitchen tools, and table settings with your leashed co-pilot scanning for must-have treats. Beyond impressive deals on décor darling pieces, peek into their pet section for cute, coordinating finds like:

  • Plush orthopedic beds matching existing room schemes 
  • Ceramic, stainless steel, and porcelain bowls elevating mealtimes
  • Discreet waste bag carriers, leash hooks and receptacles
  • Seasonal dog apparel like Halloween superhero capes, Christmas antlers

3. One-Stop Shop Pet Retailers  

Procure all your pet provisions, supplies, and specialty services at three conveniently located retailers. 

Earth Pets Natural Market

This locally owned shop located at 500 NW 60th St, STE F, Gainesville, FL, 32607, sells only natural and healthy products. This store boasts a collection of toys and accessories that impress even the most discerning pet owners, and also:

  • Specializes in raw food diets full of protein
  • Sells natural supplements to boost immunity  
  • Offers herbal remedies for itchy skin and allergies
  • Stocks USA-made rope toys and tough chew treats
  • Has non-toxic shampoos and nail clippers for grooming
  • Allows dogs in store to get tips from nice workers


This huge chain carries all kinds of pet supplies. The over 20,000 square feet facility located at 3736 SW Archer Rd, Gainesville, FL, 326086, also:

  • Sells over 10,000 quality items for dog care needs
  • Offers full grooming plus vet and training services   
  • Hosts weekend pet adoption events to find homes 
  • Features food, beds, leashes, outfits, and much more
  • Allows leashed dogs to join owners while shopping  

Pet Supermarket

With a location at 2339 NW 13th St, Gainesville, FL, 326097, this shop serves Jacksonville pets.

  • Carries more than 8,000 pet foods and accessories
  • Partners with shelters for Sunday adoption events
  • Provides low-cost vaccine clinics to keep dogs healthy
  • Has self-serve dog washing stations for easy cleanups
  • Welcomes leashed pups to explore the store

Getting Ready for a Doggie Day of Shopping 

Preparing properly for a day of retail therapy with your furry friend takes some planning. Follow these tips to keep your dog safe, happy, and out of trouble while visiting Jacksonville’s pet-friendly stores.

At Home Checklist

Before heading out, equip yourself and your pooch for success:  


  • Waste bags for cleaning up accidents  
  • Collar or harness with current ID and rabies tags
  • Sturdy leash (4-6 feet) for maintaining control   
  • Portable water, bowls, and cooling mat for rest stops
  • Dog-friendly first aid basics like wound wash, gauze  

Dog Readiness 

  • Ensure vaccinations and flea/tick medication is up-to-date
  • Review basic obedience cues reinforcing good manners  
  • Feed a light meal avoiding messes from an upset tummy
  • Give bathroom potty break before entering stores  


Choosing Retailers  

Opt for clustered locations allowing simple walks between stores:

  • Verify pet policies on company websites before visiting
  • Note dog size, breed, and behavior restrictions   
  • Save store phone numbers to call with questions 

In-Store Etiquette

Respect rules ensuring safety and sanitation for all guests:


  • Keep dog tightly leashed, by your side at all times   
  • Bring a foldable crate or carrier if required
  • Use designated potty areas away from entrances  


  • Allow sniffing merchandise, approaching strangers  
  • Block aisles with carts or extended leads 
  • Hesitate cleaning accidents promptly

Keeping Things Positive 

Monitor body language for tiredness. Carry your dog when needed. Offer praise, pats, and treats generously! 

A Doggie Day Out Delivers Double Fun 

A shopping date with your loyal companion builds an even stronger bond while scoring great finds. Jacksonville offers many pet-perfect stores for a pawsome retail adventure. 

This guide highlighted dog-loving spots across categories suited to any style or need. Grab your best fur friend to uncover amazing deals together! Remember to pack supplies keeping your pup safe and comfortable all day. Follow posted policies so you both enjoy exploring exciting environments stress-free. 

Quality time spent tag-teaming stores grants tail-wagging memories for years. Who knows what treasures you’ll discover? One thing’s guaranteed – double the fun with your co-pilot!

Need some help getting your pup ready for a shopping experience?  Give us a call!  


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