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Off-leash Jacksonville

Head Trainer – Matthew

Former U.S Army Ranger out of 3rd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment. Matt served 2 tours overseas until his service was cut short due to injury. Come December 2014 Matt dedicated his life to helping People and/or animals. Upon leaving the military Matt has been helping save disabled veterans lives And rescue dogs for the past 3 years. Matt has saved over 200+ Disabled veterans and 300+ rescue animals. Matt knows nothing but dedication and hard work. He loves all dogs and has trained several dozen different breeds and has familiarized himself with many different dog behaviors so his training never misses a beat. Matt personally loves working with rescue dogs because he feels he can connect to Their hardships closely. He feels all dogs deserve a chance of having a good life. Through his integrity and hard work, Matt is excited to bring his style to the Off leash K9 family and his clients

Trainer – Jonathan

Jonathan is a Marine Corps Veteran who served with 2D ANGLICO and 3rd Battalion 8th Marines. Jonathan grew up on a dairy farm in Ohio and was raised around Australian Shepherds and Cattle Dogs. Being able to witness first hand the intelligence of these herding breeds and the working dogs of the Marine Corps has inspired him to help create better lives for dogs and their humans.

Jonathan has worked with German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, and Doberman Pinscher rescues! He has trained Service dogs and their handlers for Diabetic Alert, Adrenal Insufficiency, Mobility, and Hearing dogs!

Jonathan’s passion is K9 Athletics. He competes in a multitude of K9 games and competitions with his German Shepherds Uma and Finn!

Today, Jonathan thrives in helping troubled dogs and their humans communicate, focus on each other, and bond together for a better and easier life.

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