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Jacksonville Florida’s OLK9 Dog Training Blog is here to help you learn all you need to know about dog training. We talk about training methods, the Off Leash K9 Training advantage, and we give you practical tips you can do at home to get that obedient dog of your dreams!

Yes, we train hundreds of dogs every year. But equally as important, we train dog owners! Helping you understand why your dogs do the things they do can only make you a better dog owner and bring peace to your family.

Off Leash K9 Training is the world’s highest-rated dog training company. And our Jacksonville Off Leash K9 location is one of the best!

Enjoy our Blog and check back often for more tips and dog training information!

dogs having a consultation with the vet
Dog Health

9 Of The Best Dog Vets Around Jacksonville, Florida

Choosing the right veterinarian for your furry friend involves a thorough understanding of various aspects beyond just services offered and location. For your doggy’s care, below are 10 of the best vets in Jacksonville and environs, and what sets them

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a small white dog standing on top of lush green field
Puppy Training

How To Potty Train Your Pup

When you adopt a pup and bring it home, the next most important step is to house-train it.  House training is actually toilet training, also known as potty training. Whatever you choose to call it— there is no denying how

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angry dog barking
Dog Aggression

Aggression in Dogs

Several times a week, we get asked about dog aggression at jaxdogtrainers.com. Here is a quick guide that will help explain! Did you know that your furry friend’s sudden urge to chase after squirrels isn’t just a quirky pastime but

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