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Best investment I have made for my dogs!

Off Leash K9 Training is by far the best investment I have made for my dogs. It’s so amazing knowing that they can be off leash anywhere and obedient everywhere! We get compliments all the time on how well behaved our pups are! I am very impressed and satisfied and highly recommend OLK9 to any and all dog owners!

Lourienne Long
I give OffLeash an A+!!!!!!!

Absolutely LOVE the bond this training has created for me and my Pup! I had a very resistant puppy boy Ive been raising since 10 weeks! Now at 1yr and 4 months old I knew I had to take some control to assure a happy and healthy future for him! Off Leash has taken a once Wild Lion boy and Amazingly transformed him into an obeying Best Friend!!! I would Absolutely recomend this for anyone with a dog! There is no other feeling in this world knowing I can keep my dogs safe and happy!!! I give OffLeash an A+!!!!!!!

Jessica Roder
Well worth the money

This is the best possible thing I’ve ever done for my dog the school is great the trainers know what they are doing please send your dog to off leash training you will have the smartest dog on the block its well worth the money!

Floyd Smith
All of those doubts will disappear after the first lesson

Growing up I had always had smaller dogs. When I found my dog Sven I was needing a lot of help with training him due to his size. As a graduate student I was really concerned if it were actually worth it and after beginning classes I was completely impressed, totally satisfied and extremely confident in the training. Deciding to enroll my dog in classes with Off Leash K9 is a lifelong investment that I will never regret doing. If you have any doubts know that all of those doubts will disappear after the first lesson.

Chloe Vaughan